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1. OSS JDBC6 usages

org.bituf » oss-jdbc

OSS-JDBC is an empty Maven project that depends on several Open Source JDBC drivers. The sole purpose of this project is to automatically pull in JDBC driver JARs as Maven dependencies.
Last Release on Feb 6, 2012

2. Clj DBCP5 usages

org.bituf » clj-dbcpApache

Clj-DBCP is a simple Java-6/Clojure wrapper around the Apache DBCP library for creating database connection pools and for embedding databases in applications.
Last Release on Dec 12, 2011
Clj-MiscUtil is an assortment of Clojure functions/macros to carry out miscellaneous common activities.
Last Release on Apr 1, 2011

4. Clj DBSpec2 usages

org.bituf » clj-dbspecApache

Clj-DBSpec is a common configuration spec for dealing with relational databases e.g. data source, connection, conversion of schema/tables/columns/indices names between the database and Clojure.
Last Release on Nov 20, 2011

5. Clj Liquibase2 usages

org.bituf » clj-liquibaseApache

Clj-Liquibase is a simple Clojure wrapper around the Liquibase library for carrying out relational database migrations.
Last Release on Nov 21, 2011
Clj-Stringtemplate is a Clojure wrapper for the StringTemplate Java library
Last Release on Sep 19, 2010
Clj-ArgUtil is a collection of commonly used Clojure functions to deal with arguments, both internal (function arguments) and external (that you provide to the application). No external libraries are needed to run Clj-ArgUtil.
Last Release on Oct 24, 2010

8. SQLRat

org.bituf » sqlrat

SQLRat is a Clojure (v1.2 or later) library to access relational databases using entity objects and to navigate entity relations in a stateless manner. Easy to use and flexible - you can also pass in native SQL for accessing the database.
Last Release on Oct 9, 2010

9. Lein LB

org.bituf » lein-lbApache

Leiningen plugin for Clj-Liquibase:
Last Release on Dec 14, 2011

10. Fountain JDBC

org.bituf » fountain-jdbc

Fountain-JDBC is a Clojure wrapper for Spring-JDBC component of the Spring framework.
Last Release on Apr 1, 2011