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Annotated JDK 8 consists of Checker Framework annotations for the Open JDK Java 8 API. Method implementations in this file are empty. This file should only be compiled against and should never be placed on the runtime classpath of a compiled program.

Date(Jan 05, 2016)
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GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL2), with the classpath exception


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Michael Ernstmernst<at>cs.washington.eduMichael Ernst <>University of Washington
Werner M. Dietlwdietl<at>uwaterloo.cawmdietlUniversity of Waterloo
Suzanne Millsteinsmillst<at>cs.washington.eduSuzanne Millstein <>University of Washington PLSE Group
David McArthurmcarthur<at>cs.washington.eduDavid McArthur <<University of Washington PLSE Group
David McArthurjthaine<at>cs.washington.eduJavier Thaine <<University of Washington PLSE Group
Dan Browndbro<at>cs.washington.eduDan Brown <<University of Washington PLSE Group
Jonathan G. Burkejburke<at>cs.washington.edujonathangburke@gmail.comUniversity of Washington PLSE Group