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1. Conjure22 usages

org.clojars.runa » conjure

Conjure mocking and stubbing
Last Release on Mar 7, 2013

2. Clj Utilities8 usages

org.clojars.runa » clj-utils

A bunch of common utilities for Clojure programs
Last Release on Jun 25, 2013

3. Clj Kryo6 usages

org.clojars.runa » clj-kryo

Clojure library for the Kryo serialization API.
Last Release on Feb 27, 2015

4. Clj Schema5 usages

org.clojars.runa » clj-schemaMIT

Schemas for Clojure data. With validation, example data for tests, and simple contracts support.
Last Release on Aug 3, 2013
Runa Tools Logging
Last Release on Jul 18, 2013

6. Medusa2 usages

org.clojars.runa » medusa

A supervised threadpool for clojure futures
Last Release on Aug 8, 2013

7. Runa RabbitMQ1 usages

org.clojars.runa » runa-rabbitmqEPL

Legacy Runa RabbitMQ library
Last Release on Jun 25, 2013

8. Kits1 usages

org.clojars.runa » kitsMIT

Runa's core utilities.
Last Release on Oct 8, 2014

9. Cliopatra1 usages

org.clojars.runa » cliopatra

Define and dispatch to multiple command line utilities
Last Release on Apr 4, 2013
A Clojure façade for Coda Hale's metrics library.
Last Release on Aug 27, 2013

11. Clj Clu

org.clojars.runa » clj-clu

Generic command line utility for Clojure
Last Release on Mar 23, 2013

12. Clj Hazelcast

org.clojars.runa » clj-hazelcast

Clojure library for the Hazelcast p2p cluster
Last Release on Feb 27, 2015

13. Testselector

org.clojars.runa » testselectorEPL

Tool to make sure deftests have desired metadata
Last Release on May 17, 2013
Various things gluing together metrics-clojure and ring.
Last Release on Aug 27, 2013

15. Swarmiji

org.clojars.runa » swarmijiEPL

A distributed computing framework to help write and run Clojure code in parallel, across cores and processors
Last Release on Dec 2, 2014