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1. Maxent1 usages

org.clojars.zaxtax » maxent

The opennlp.maxent package is a mature Java package for training and using maximum entropy models.
Last Release on Oct 27, 2010

2. Java AWS MTurk

org.clojars.zaxtax » java-aws-mturk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Java is a set of libraries and tools designed to make it easier for you to build solutions leveraging Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Last Release on Dec 21, 2013

3. OpenNLP Tools

org.clojars.zaxtax » opennlp-tools

OpenNLP contains a variety of java-based NLP tools which perform sentence detection, tokenization, pos-tagging, chunking and parsing, named-entity detection, and coreference.
Last Release on Oct 27, 2010

4. Libstemmer

org.clojars.zaxtax » libstemmer

Snowball is a small string processing language designed for creating stemming algorithms for use in Information Retrieval. This site describes Snowball, and presents several useful stemmers which have been implemented using it.
Last Release on Dec 11, 2010