DTDs that are used by some Cargo components which have licenses incompatible with the rest of Cargo

LicenseApache 2.0
DateSep 17, 2022
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt


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Vincent Massolvmassol<at>codehaus.orgvmassolJava Developer, Project ManagerCodehaus
Desire AtangadatangaJava DeveloperOCTO Technology
Hendrik Schreiberhs<at>tagtraum.comhendriksJava Developer
Arnaud HeritieraheritierJava Developer
Milos KleintmkleintJava Developer
I Nyoman WinardiwinwinJava Developer
Lev OlkhovicholeoJava Developer
Mark HobsonmarkJava Developer
Magnus GrimsellgrimsellJava Developer
Nigel MagnaymagnaynJava Developer
Jan BarteljanbJava Developer
Scott FarquharsfarquharJava Developer
Vincent SivetonvsivetonJava Developer
David J. M. Karlsendavid<at>codehaus.orgdavidJava Developerdavidkarlsen.com
Matt Wringemwringe<at>redhat.commwringeJava Developer, Project ManagerRed Hat
Adrian Coleferncam1<at>gmail.comadriancoleJava Developer
S. Ali Tokmennospam<at>alishomepage.comalitokmenJava Developer, Project Manager
Ryan Connollyrynam0<at>gmail.comrynam0Java Developer
Anders Hammaranders<at>hammar.netafloomJava Developer
Benjamin BentmannbentmannJava Developer
Simon Paynesipayne2012Java Developer