Artifacts using Apache Groovy (815)

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Implementation for Apache Log4J, a highly configurable logging tool that focuses on performance and low garbage generation. It has a plugin architecture that makes it extensible and supports asynchronous logging based on LMAX Disruptor.
Last Release on Feb 21, 2024
Groovy All
Last Release on Mar 1, 2024

Relocated → org.apache.groovy » groovy-all
Hibernate Validator Engine Relocation Artifact
Last Release on Jun 21, 2023

Hibernate's Jakarta Bean Validation reference implementation.
Last Release on Jun 21, 2023
Provides implementations of the Person Directory API that have the capability of aggregating attributes from multiple data sources into a single view.
Last Release on Nov 24, 2022
Last Release on Mar 8, 2024
Last Release on Mar 8, 2024
Last Release on Mar 8, 2024
Last Release on Feb 5, 2019
Camunda Platform Engine
Last Release on Apr 2, 2024