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Mojo's JAXB-2 Maven plugin is used to create an object graph from XSDs based on the JAXB 2.x implementation and to generate XSDs from JAXB annotated Java classes.

LicenseApache 2.0
CategoriesMaven Plugins
Date(May 16, 2018)
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New Version2.5.0

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EDL 1.0
com.sun.istack » istack-commons-runtime

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EPL 2.0
org.glassfish.jaxb » jaxb-bom

EDL 1.0
org.jvnet.staxex » stax-ex


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Lennart Jörelidlj<at>jguru.seCommitterjGuru Europe AB
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Robert Scholterfscholte<at>codehaus.orgrfscholteCommitter
Arnaud HeritieraheritierMojoHaus
Baptiste MathusBatmatMojoHaus
David KarlsendavidkarlsenMojoHaus
Evgeny MandrikovGodinMojoHaus
Karl-Heinz MarbaisekhmarbaiseMojoHaus
Lennart JörelidlennartjMojoHaus
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