Artifacts using Plexus Classworlds (262)

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The API for plugins - Mojos - development.
Last Release on Oct 25, 2023
Core classes of Apache Maven to manage the building process.
Last Release on Oct 25, 2023
snappy-java: A fast compression/decompression library
Last Release on Sep 27, 2023
The Plexus IoC container API and its default implementation.
Last Release on Dec 23, 2021
Implementation for Resolving Dependencies from a Maven Backend
Last Release on Jul 11, 2023
Maven embeddable component, with CLI and logging support.
Last Release on Oct 25, 2023
Eclipse Sisu Plexus
Last Release on May 6, 2023
Sisu Inject Plexus : Legacy Wrapper
Last Release on Feb 20, 2015
The Site Renderer handles the rendering of sites, merging site model with document content.
Last Release on Nov 21, 2023
An API to install, deploy and resolving artifacts with Maven 3
Last Release on Dec 26, 2020