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StaxMate is a light-weight framework that adds convenience to streaming XML-processing without significant additional overhead. It builds on top of a Stax (JSR-173) compliant XML processors such as Woodstox or Sjsxp (default Stax implementation of JDK 1.6) and offers two basic abstractions: Cursors, which build on XMLStreamReaders and Output objects, which build on XMLStreamWriters.

LicenseBSD 2-clause
CategoriesXML Processing
Organization Codehaus
Date(Mar 13, 2009)
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New Version2.0.1

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BSD 2-clause
org.codehaus.woodstox » stax2-api[3.0.0,3.1.0)4.2.1
XML Processing
stax » stax-api

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EPL 2.0
junit » junit[4.0.0,5.0.0)5.6.2
XML Processing
Apache 2.0
org.codehaus.woodstox » woodstox-core-asl[4.0.1, 4.5.0)4.4.1