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Nuxeo Runtime: Nuxeo Runtime Tests. This module must only be used with a test scope (except in [module]-test where you may use compile scope).
Last Release on Jan 22, 2019
Concordion is an open source framework for Java that lets you turn a plain English description of a requirement into an automated test
Last Release on Jul 4, 2020
Renjin Core
Last Release on Dec 19, 2020
Last Release on Apr 6, 2017
Last Release on Apr 3, 2017
Last Release on Apr 4, 2017
This extensions library adds features to the Concordion acceptance test framework, such as embedding screenshots or logging information in the output
Last Release on Nov 19, 2013

Last Release on Feb 5, 2017
Last Release on Apr 3, 2017
An extension to Concordion that adds Logback logging support
Last Release on Jun 18, 2019