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Plugin for DataNucleus providing persistence to the Google AppEngine BigTable datastore
Last Release on Feb 14, 2013
Agregate POM used to simplify Google App Engine dependency retrieval
Last Release on Dec 26, 2013
Force JPA
Last Release on Aug 22, 2012
Dependencies for Google App Engine webapp deployment including native datastore access.
Last Release on Oct 9, 2015
Summer App Engine Sample
Last Release on Jan 19, 2012
Library for using gwtupload in AppEngine servers (requires gwtupload.jar)
Last Release on Jan 13, 2015
DataNucleus Maven2 Plugin
Last Release on Oct 16, 2012
Web Resource Optimizer Examples Project
Last Release on Jan 10, 2011
AcrIS Reporting For AppEngine
Last Release on Sep 25, 2014