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Async Http Client library purpose is to allow Java applications to easily execute HTTP requests and asynchronously process the HTTP responses.
Last Release on Oct 13, 2016
A headless browser intended for use in testing web-based applications.
Last Release on Jul 25, 2021
Jetty :: Asynchronous HTTP Client
Last Release on Jul 7, 2021
Jetty :: Aggregate :: All Server
Last Release on Sep 8, 2016
Jetty deployers
Last Release on Jul 7, 2021
PrimeFaces is one of the most popular UI libraries in Java EE Ecosystem and widely used by software companies, world renowned brands, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, universities and more.
Last Release on Mar 11, 2021
UberJar for Core Jetty features
Last Release on Jul 16, 2020
Atmosphere Runtime
Last Release on Aug 29, 2017
Broker configuration and executable
Last Release on Jun 18, 2021
CometD :: Java :: Server
Last Release on Jul 12, 2021