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The runtime library for Xtend for use with GWT. This library is deprecated and will be removed with a future version of Xtext.

LicenseEPL 1.0
Date(Feb 01, 2017)
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New Version2.26.0.M2

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Lang Runtime
EPL 2.0
org.eclipse.xtend » org.eclipse.xtend.lib


Eclipse Public License, Version 1.0


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Sven Efftingesven.efftinge<at>typefox.ioTypeFox
Sebastian Benz
Lorenzo Bettini
Michael Clay
Christian Dietrichchristian.dietrich<at>itemis.deitemis
Moritz Eysholdtmoritz.eysholdt<at>typefox.ioTypeFox
Dennis Hübnerdennis.huebner<at>typefox.ioTypeFox
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Stefan Oehme
Holger Schillholger.schill<at>itemis.deitemis
Christian Schneiderchristian.schneider<at>typefox.ioTypeFox
Miro Spönemannmiro.spoenemann<at>typefox.ioTypeFox
Karsten Thomskarsten.thoms<at>itemis.deitemis
Knut Wannheden
Sebastian Zarnekow