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Artifacts using fcrepo-http-api version 4.0.0

The Fedora web application
Last Release on Feb 24, 2021
The Fedora Commons repository transformations module: Provides facilities to use SPARQL or LDPath to tranform repository RDF into desired forms.
Last Release on Oct 12, 2015
This module adds access roles to the repository tree. It creates a REST/JSON API for post and get of access roles on Fedora objects and datastreams. It supports the querying of effective roles by authorization delegates.
Last Release on Feb 12, 2018
A basic implementation of a Fedora authorization delegate that uses the access roles of reader, writer and admin.
Last Release on Feb 12, 2018
Fedora Message Consumer Core
Last Release on Jul 24, 2015
Packaging the LDP integration test suite for fcrepo4
Last Release on Feb 23, 2021
Fedora RDF integration scenarios
Last Release on Feb 23, 2021

Fedora Repository XACML module
Last Release on Aug 1, 2017