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2. Units4j16 usages

org.fuin » units4jLGPL

A home for additional useful unit testing modules for Java.
Last Release on Aug 28, 2021

3. Utils4j14 usages

org.fuin » utils4jLGPL

A small Java library that contains several helpful utility classes.
Last Release on Aug 28, 2021

4. Objects4j11 usages

org.fuin » objects4jLGPL

A library with common Java types that are mostly immutable value objects.
Last Release on Aug 28, 2021
A small wrapper for Javassist that can be used to generate source files and bytecode.
Last Release on Feb 13, 2015
Group Fuin SrcGen4J

7. Xmlcfg4j2 usages

org.fuin » xmlcfg4jLGPL

XML based configuration for Java
Last Release on May 23, 2018
Creates Maven archetypes from an existing project
Last Release on Dec 26, 2016

9. DDD 4 Java2 usages

org.fuin » ddd-4-javaLGPL

Base classes for Domain Driven Design (DDD) with Java
Last Release on Aug 30, 2021
Group Fuin DSL
Group Fuin Devsupwiz

12. Utils4Swing1 usages

org.fuin » utils4swingLGPL

A small Java 1.4 compatible library that aims to ease the pain of some Swing development tasks.
Last Release on Jun 24, 2013
Group Fuin Xsample

14. CQRS 4 Java

org.fuin » cqrs-4-javaLGPL

Base classes for Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) with Java
Last Release on Aug 30, 2021

15. POM OSGi

org.fuin » pom-osgiLGPL

Provides standard settings for OSGI projects.
Last Release on Aug 9, 2018
Runs JUnit tests in a simple main() method and writes the results as JSON to disk
Last Release on Nov 24, 2019

17. Sjsm

org.fuin » sjsmLGPL

A simple java send mail command line application
Last Release on Oct 29, 2017

18. POM

org.fuin » pomLGPL

Provides standard settings for projects.
Last Release on Dec 19, 2020

19. Kickstart4J

org.fuin » kickstart4jLGPL

A Java Webstart based Installer and Updater.
Last Release on Jun 24, 2013
Group Fuin Jpmsr