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The render module contains a renderer built around the interface in api and main. This is a first class geotools module as creating a visual representation of features is considered key to most geospatial applications.

Date(Dec 14, 2008)
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Apache 2.0
batik » batik-transcoder 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-util 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-svg-dom (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-dom (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-css (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-bridge (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-gvt (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-ext (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-xml (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-script (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-awt-util (optional) 1.61.14

Apache 2.0
batik » batik-parser (optional) 1.61.14

org.geotools » gt2-main 2.4.5

org.geotools » gt2-coverage 2.4.5
XML Processing
Apache 2.0
xerces » xercesImpl2 vulnerabilities

xml-apis » xml-apis-xerces 2.7.1

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Lesser General Public License (LGPL)


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Jesse Eicharjeichar<at>refractions.netjeicharModule Maintainer, Java DeveloperRefraction Research Inc.
Andrea Aimeandrea.aime<at>alice.itaaimeJava Developer
Simone Giannecchinisimboss1<at>gmail.comsimbossJava DeveloperGeoSolutions SAS
James Macgilljmacgill<at>users.sourceforge.netjmacgillExhalted Leader, Java Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberGoogle
Ian Turtonianturton<at>users.sourceforge.netianturtonJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberPennState
Rob Hranacrobhranac<at>users.sourceforge.netrobhranacJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberVFNY
Cameron Shortercameronsl<at>users.sourceforge.netcameronsJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) Member
Chris Holmescholmesny<at>users.sourceforge.netcholmesnyJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberTOPP
Martin Desruisseauxdesruisseaux<at>users.sourceforge.netdesruisseauxJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberGeomatys
Ian Schneiderianschne<at>users.sourceforge.netianschneJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberUSDA ARS
Andrea Aimeaaime<at>users.sourceforge.netaaimeJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Artur Hefczyckobit<at>users.sourceforge.netkobitJava Developer, Project Management Committee (PMC) Member
Jody Garnettjive<at>users.sourceforge.netjiveJava Developer, Module Maintainer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberRefractions Research
Justin Deoliveirajdeolive<at>users.sourceforge.netjdeoliveJava Developer, Module MaintainerRefractions Research
Richard Gouldrgould<at>refractions.netrgouldJava Developer, Module Maintainer, Project Management Committee (PMC) MemberRefractions Research, Inc.
Christiaan ten Kloosterckl<at>dacelo.nlcklJava DeveloperDacelo
Gabriel Roldangroldan<at>users.sourceforge.netgroldanJava Developer, Module MaintainerTOPP
Sean Geoghegansean.geoghegan<at> Developer, Module MaintainerDefence Science and Technology Organisation
Julian Rayjjray<at>users.sourceforge.netjjrayModule Maintainer, Java Developer
Darren Edmondsdledmonds<at>users.sourceforge.netdledmondsModule Maintainer, Java Developer
Ray Gallagheromyar<at>users.sourceforge.netomyarJava Developer
Jianhui JinJava DeveloperCCG
Gary Sheppardgarysheppard<at>psu.edushepshepJava DeveloperPenn State GeoVISTA Center
Simon RassBug Fixer
David Zwiersdzwiers<at>refractions.netdmzwiersJava DeveloperRefractions Research Inc.
Brent Owenssploreg<at>users.sourceforge.netsploregJava Developer, Module MaintainerRefractions Research
Rueben SchulzrschulzTester, Documentation, Java DeveloperUniversity of British Columbia
Simone Giannecchinisimboss1<at>gmail.comsimbossJava Developer, Documentation, Module Mantainer
Luca Sigfrido Percichluca.percich<at>ama-mi.itlpercichJava Developer, Module MantainerAMA-MI