Jersey JSON Jackson (2.x) entity providers support module.

LicenseApache 2.0EPL 2.0GPL 2.0
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DateMay 24, 2024
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New Version4.0.0-M1

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Annotation Lib
Apache 2.0
com.fasterxml.jackson.module » jackson-module-jaxb-annotations (optional)

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EPL 2.0
The GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2, With Classpath Exception
Apache License, 2.0


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Jorge Bescos GasconOracle Corporation
Lukas JungmannOracle Corporation
Dmitry KornilovOracle Corporation
David KralOracle Corporation
Tomas KrausOracle Corporation
Tomas LangerOracle Corporation
Maxim NesenOracle Corporation
Santiago Pericas-GeertsenOracle Corporation
Jan SupolOracle Corporation
Eclipse EE4J Developersee4j-pmc<at>eclipse.orgeclipseee4jEclipse Foundation