Artifacts using Grails Cache Ehcache Plugin (9)

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This plugin provides basic security feature for GR8 CRM applications. Specific security implementations exists for Apache Shiro (crm-security-shiro).
Last Release on Apr 27, 2020
Authentication for ALA Apps
Last Release on Oct 15, 2023
This plugin provides a Sitemesh layout file (main.gsp) and associated resources files, based on Bootstrap. It also provides a taglib for the ALA footer and navigation menu, login/logout links and a logout controller, that invalidates the session. CSS files are generated from the Bootstrap LESS files, so any changes should be made to `ala.less` and then CSS files generated with provided script (see
Last Release on Sep 20, 2016
Biocache Hubs
Last Release on Apr 17, 2024
Plugin for authenticating web service calls for ALA systems
Last Release on Oct 15, 2023
A Grails plugin to provide the core functionality for searching and displaying biodiversity data from biocache web services. Data access is via JSON REST web services from the ALA biocache-service app (no local DB is required for this app).
Last Release on Aug 2, 2018
Collectory Hub
Last Release on Mar 12, 2019
Grails plugin to provide common user interface for users to trigger download occurrence records from ALA Biocache system.
Last Release on Nov 2, 2017
Brief summary/description of the plugin.
Last Release on Jul 15, 2017
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