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4. Incode Build Parent POM

org.incode » incode-buildApache

This module defines a standard parent POM to use for various Incode applications and modules. Its primary purpose is to make it easy to use a set up maven mixins ( within child POMs. Specifically this means locking down the versions of plugins using pluginManagement. It does NOT define any mixins for Apache Isis.
Last Release on Apr 18, 2019
This module is the parent for the Incode Platform maven mixins.
Last Release on Mar 7, 2018
This module is the parent of the Incode Platform modules, and can also be used as the parent for applications that use the Incode Platform modules. It builds upon the org.incode:incode-build standard parent POM, adding in additional Maven plugins for the Apache Isis framework.
Last Release on Jan 16, 2019
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