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xcommon by XYou
Last Release on Jul 13, 2021
TASSEL is a software package to evaluate traits associations, evolutionary patterns, and linkage disequilibrium.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2022
A reusable Java-based API for disassembling Apple-related source code.
Last Release on Apr 3, 2022
VCert is a Java library, SDK, designed to simplify key generation and enrollment of machine identities (also known as SSL/TLS certificates and keys) that comply with enterprise security policy by using the Venafi Platform or Venafi Cloud.
Last Release on Apr 29, 2022
mirai plugins bilibili
Last Release on May 2, 2022
A CLI app to manage Databricks Jobs
Last Release on Mar 20, 2022
A Java package to interface with the PureCloud Platform API
Last Release on Jun 30, 2022
Last Release on May 25, 2022
Last Release on May 24, 2021
Nerve Sdk4J
Last Release on Mar 31, 2022