The JaCoCo Maven Plugin provides the JaCoCo runtime agent to your tests and allows basic report creation.

LicenseEPL 2.0
CategoriesMaven Plugins
DateApr 02, 2024
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Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven » maven-plugin-api${project.prerequisites.m...3.9.7
Build Tool
Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven » maven-core${project.prerequisites.m...3.9.7
Annotation Lib
Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven.plugin-tools » maven-plugin-annotations


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Marc R. Hoffmannhoffmann<at>mountainminds.commtnmindsProject Lead
Brock Janiczakbrockj<at>gmail.combrock_jDeveloper
Evgeny Mandrikovmandrikov<at>gmail.commandrikovBuild and release managerSonarSource
Mirko Friedenhagenmfriedenhagen<at>gmail.commfriedenhagenDeveloper