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This is a custom module for running on a Jahia server that provides support for LDAP user and group providers.

Date(Oct 03, 2013)
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NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Anna Afsharanna.afshar<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Benjamin Papežbenjamin.papez<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions GmbH
Cédric Mailleuxcedric.mailleux<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Charles Flondcharles.flond<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Clément Eggerclement.egger<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Damien Saulnierdamien.saulnier<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
David Griffondavid.griffon<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Fabrice Cantegrelfabrice.cantegrel<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Islam El-SayedCrédit Agricole (Suisse) SA
Kevan Jahanshahikevan.jahanshahi<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Khaled Tlili
Khue Nguyen
Philippe Vollenweiderphilippe.vollenweider<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Régis Moraregis.mora<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Romain FeldenELCA Informatique SA
Serge Huberserge.huber<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Sergiy Shyrkovsergiy.shyrkov<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions GmbH
Sophia Batatasophia.batata<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Stéphanie Rouaudstephanie.rouaud<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Thomas Draierthomas.draier<at>jahia.comJahia Solutions Group SA
Xavier LawrenceELCA Informatique SA