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Hibernate Validator Engine Relocation Artifact
Last Release on Feb 6, 2021
Hibernate's Jakarta Bean Validation reference implementation.
Last Release on Feb 6, 2021
Classes utilising Joda Time, Joda Money, Libphonenum and JDK Types that add Hibernate support
Last Release on Jan 25, 2018
Commercetools SDK Base
Last Release on Aug 30, 2021
jOOQ supports.
Last Release on May 10, 2020
Collection of org.bson.codecs.Codec implementations
Last Release on Dec 2, 2016
IND2UCE :: SDK with central classes for solution development
Last Release on Oct 18, 2018
scalacheck generators and arbitraries for JSR 354 monetary types
Last Release on Jan 5, 2017
Project to support the implementation a of smart derivative contract.
Last Release on Dec 22, 2019
Money support in Dropwizard
Last Release on Jan 21, 2019