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Javolution Core (Java)
Last Release on Aug 18, 2013

2. Javolution19 usages

org.javolution » javolutionBSD

Javolution - Java Solution for Real-Time and Embedded Systems. This project provides a Java library and a (mirror) C++ library. Both libraries are maven-based and can be used to build multi-platform real-time applications or to port Java applications to C++. The C++ library contains already a port of OSGi and JUnit (demonstrated by the subproject test-cpp).
Last Release on Aug 18, 2013

3. MSVC Factories

org.javolution » javolution-msvcMIT

Provides environment factories missing from the current maven native plugin distribution: MSVC2010x86EnvFactory, MSVC2010x86AMD64EnvFactory
Last Release on Sep 12, 2012

4. Colapi

org.javolution » colapiBSD

Colapi - Maven Plugin to colorize Java source code examples in javadoc.
Last Release on Jan 10, 2013
Javolution Core (C++)
Last Release on Aug 18, 2013