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RHQ domain model classes (i.e. POJOs used by both server and agent)
Last Release on Dec 2, 2014
Last Release on Aug 12, 2021
SwitchYard AS7 Distribution
Last Release on Jun 13, 2019
Assembles the camunda BPM platform and makes it ready for qa. The assembly is installed to maven later in the reactor, if the integration tests pass successfully
Last Release on Mar 2, 2020
A Lightweight Performance Testing Framework
Last Release on May 11, 2017
IP Common Components
Last Release on Apr 8, 2015
Escalante Assembly
Last Release on May 30, 2013
Exo Portal Packaging JBoss7 Pkg
Last Release on May 6, 2014
The full RHQ appserver container build, including the JBossAS server and all config/deploy files
Last Release on Dec 2, 2014
Escalante Distribution
Last Release on May 30, 2013