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Utility methods to make it easy to conform to the RESTAT specification

LicenseLGPL 2.1
Date(Oct 24, 2018)
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RepositoriesRedhat EA
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EPL 2.0
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Mark Littlemlittle<at>redhat.comnmclJBoss CTOJBoss
Tom Jenkinsontom.jenkinson<at>redhat.comtomjenkinsonproject leadJBoss
Paul Robinsonpaul.robinson<at>redhat.compaulrobinsonxts leadJBoss
Michael Musgrovemmusgrov<at>redhat.commmusgrovCore DeveloperJBoss
Amos Fengzfeng<at>redhat.comzhfengCore DeveloperJBoss
Ivo Studenskyistudens<at>redhat.comistudensQA leadJBoss
Jonathan Hallidayjonathan.halliday<at>redhat.comjhallidayJBoss
Andrew Dinnadinn<at>redhat.comadinnJBoss