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Resources that are necessary for building RichFaces (used by plugins, tests, etc.)
Last Release on Mar 30, 2022
Technology Compatibility Kit for Jakarta MVC
Last Release on Dec 19, 2020
This module provides distributable artifact for the Frontend of the Issue Tracking Harvester of the Smart Developer Hub project
Last Release on Jul 18, 2016
JCA resource adapter to use AWS SQS's JMS interface
Last Release on May 4, 2018
Implementation of session management for JEE HttpSessions and general use case. Includes implemenations of in-memory and redis session distribution.
Last Release on Oct 10, 2018
Technology Compatibility Kit for JSR 371
Last Release on Jan 11, 2020
Rest DSL using Servlet with CDI example
Last Release on Mar 2, 2020
Arquillian Tests
Last Release on Oct 10, 2018
Tomcat Container integrations for the Arquillian Project
Last Release on Jun 21, 2022
This harvester publishes GitLab data such as users, repositories, and branches using LDP4j and the SDH GitLab Enhancer RET API.
Last Release on Jul 17, 2016