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1. JavaServer(TM) Faces 2.1 API138 usages

org.jboss.spec.javax.faces » jboss-jsf-api_2.1_specCDDLGPL

JSR-000314: JavaServer(TM) Faces 2.1 API
Last Release on Aug 7, 2015

2. JavaServer(TM) Faces 2.2 API73 usages

org.jboss.spec.javax.faces » jboss-jsf-api_2.2_specCDDLGPL

JSR-000344: JavaServer(TM) Faces 2.2 API
Last Release on Jan 23, 2018

3. Jakarta Server Faces52 usages

org.jboss.spec.javax.faces » jboss-jsf-api_2.3_specEPL

Jakarta Server Faces defines an MVC framework for building user interfaces for web applications, including UI components, state management, event handing, input validation, page navigation, and support for internationalization and accessibility.
Last Release on Apr 10, 2022

4. JavaServer Faces API28 usages

org.jboss.spec.javax.faces » jboss-jsf-api_2.0_specLGPL

JavaServer(tm) Faces API Classes
Last Release on May 23, 2011