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Jakarta Server Faces defines an MVC framework for building user interfaces for web applications, including UI components, state management, event handing, input validation, page navigation, and support for internationalization and accessibility.

LicenseEPL 2.0
Date(Sep 17, 2019)
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New Version3.0.0.SP1

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EDL 1.0
org.jboss.spec.javax.xml.bind » jboss-jaxb-api_2.3_spec (optional) 2.0.0.Final

Apache 2.0EPL 1.0
org.mortbay.jetty » jetty-plus (optional)

Apache 2.0EPL 1.0
org.mortbay.jetty » jetty-annotations (optional)


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Arjan Tijmsarjan.tijms<at>gmail.comatijmsProject-Lead, comitter, developerPayara
Zhijun Renren.zhijun<at>>ren.zhijun.oraclecomitter, developerOracle America, Inc.

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