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jclouds components to access an implementation of S3

Date(Nov 14, 2012)
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New Version1.6.0

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Apache 2.0
com.jamesmurty.utils » java-xmlbuilder 0.41.2

Apache 2.0
org.jclouds » jclouds-blobstore

Apache 2.0
org.jclouds.common » aws-common

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Apache 2.0
log4j » log4j

Apache 2.0
org.jclouds » jclouds-core

Apache 2.0
org.jclouds » jclouds-blobstore

Apache 2.0
org.jclouds.driver » jclouds-log4j


Apache License ../resources/LICENSE.txt


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Adrian Coleadrian -at- jclouds -dot- orgferncam1Java Developer, PMCjclouds
Hugo Duncantabcdef -at- hugoduncan -dot- orghugoduncanClojure Developer
Phil Hagelbergphil -at- technomancy -dot- ustechnomancyClojure Developer
Ivan Meredithivan -at- ivan -dot- net -dot- nzbarefootnzJava Developer
Andrew Phillipsaphillips -at- qrmedia -dot- comdemoboxApprentice
Alex Yarmudaoleksiy -dot- yarmula -at- gmail -dot- comalexstaytunedJava Developer
Chas Emerickcemerick -at- snowtide -dot- comcemerickClojure Developer