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Artifacts using job-dsl version 1.37

Last Release on May 13, 2018
This plugin integrates Jenkins with ECU-TEST and generates reports on automated test execution.
Last Release on Sep 23, 2021
Automatic rotations of possible configurations. Monitors the SCM for newer versions of components and tests if compliant. Available for ClearCaseUCM and Git.
Last Release on Apr 13, 2017
Integrates Dr. Memory with Jenkins
Last Release on Aug 10, 2018
Advanced logging for Jenkins
Last Release on Oct 12, 2015
Enables the parsing of memory map files and their linker scripts. Currently supports Gcc and TexasInstruments compilers
Last Release on Apr 6, 2018
CodeSonar Plugin
Last Release on Dec 9, 2020
Enables pretested integration as Git SCM extension.
Last Release on Feb 11, 2020