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The Jenkins Plugins Parent POM Project
Last Release on Jun 18, 2022
Gamekins Plugin
Last Release on May 10, 2022
SmileHub Notifier
Last Release on May 25, 2021
Enables Cucumber living documentation on Jenkins
Last Release on Feb 15, 2021
Sends notifications about jobs phases and status
Last Release on May 8, 2022
This plugin create Windows agents on which builds can be performed
Last Release on Aug 30, 2021
Provides a pluggable storage extension for the junit plugin with a SQL database
Last Release on May 9, 2022
This Perfecto Plugin provides the ability to auto-create/ re-use existing perfecto connect tunnel-id in build environment.
Last Release on Oct 12, 2020
Sonargraph Integration Jenkins Plugin
Last Release on Oct 12, 2020
TestCafe Plugin
Last Release on Jul 19, 2020