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Artifacts using kotlinx-serialization-json-jvm version 1.0.0-RC2

A domain model and application services to specify study protocols which can be deployed to one or more stationary or mobile devices.
Last Release on Apr 4, 2022
A multi-platform library for managing navigation/routing
Last Release on Apr 11, 2021
Kotlin/Ktor based full-stack platform
Last Release on May 21, 2022
Avatao Content SDK for TFW.
Last Release on Feb 9, 2021
It is set of projects with micro tools for avoiding of routines coding
Last Release on May 19, 2022
Layercache Serializer
Last Release on Oct 11, 2020
SauceNao API library
Last Release on Dec 2, 2020
Manage the recruitment for and lifetime of study deployments, instantiated using a study protocol from carp.protocols.
Last Release on Apr 4, 2022
Helper classes relied upon by test projects of all subsystems. E.g., to disable tests specified in common part of projects for the JavaScript runtime only.
Last Release on Apr 4, 2022
A domain model and application services to manage the runtime logic for studies on client devices (e.g., smartphone). What to run as part of an overarching study is retrieved via the deployment subsystem.
Last Release on Mar 25, 2021