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1. AnnoMojo API32 usages

org.jfrog.maven.annomojo » maven-plugin-annoApache

Maven Anno Mojo module with all the JDK 1.5 annotations needed when writing maven plugin classes (Mojo). Every maven plugins using Anno Mojo should be directly or transitively dependant on this POM.
Last Release on Dec 19, 2011

2. AnnoMojo Extractor10 usages

org.jfrog.maven.annomojo » maven-plugin-tools-annoApache

Maven Anno Mojo module conatining the implementation of the MojoDescriptorExtractor used by the plugin maven-plugin-plugin. This POM override the standard java MojoDescriptorExtractor to avoid qdox parsing error. Adding this module as a dependencies to maven-plugin-plugin will stop the xdoclet plugin system is from being activated, and will activate this annotations processor instead.
Last Release on Dec 19, 2011

3. AnnoMojo Parent

org.jfrog.maven.annomojo » maven-plugin-anno-parentApache

Maven2 maven-plugin-plugin extension that allows writing annotated Mojos using JDK 1.5 annotations instead of doclet comments.
Last Release on Dec 19, 2011