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This charting library chartfx-chart- is an extension in the spirit of Oracle's XYChart and performance/time-proven JDataViewer charting functionalities. Emphasis was put on plotting performance for both large number of data points and real-time displays, as well as scientific accuracies leading to error bar/surface plots, and other scientific plotting features (parameter measurements, fitting, multiple axes, zoom, ...).
Last Release on Dec 18, 2020
JavaFX-based portion of the XAOS framework, containing the JavaFX-based controls and tools suitable for other projects too.
Last Release on Jul 11, 2019
A simple framework for Jesture Recognition in java
Last Release on Nov 12, 2018
A PDF view for JavaFX applications.
Last Release on Jan 6, 2021
FX Icons Ikonli
Last Release on Dec 31, 2020
An on-screen keyboard for JavaFX applications
Last Release on Nov 26, 2020
A collection of JavaFX controls and utils.
Last Release on Jan 25, 2021

A beautiful log viewer capable of handling large files
Last Release on Apr 11, 2020
Last Release on Oct 23, 2019
A simple framework for body tracking in java
Last Release on May 30, 2018