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Plugin to simplify the process of ingesting workflow documents into Rice. At the moment, this plugin is still very much in beta. It works correctly when ingesting Kuali OLE workflow documents into a MySQL database using Rice Usage outside of that specific scenario is untested.

LicenseECL 2.0
CategoriesMaven Plugins

1.0.6-betaCentral 0 Jul, 2012
1.0.5-betaCentral 0 Jul, 2012
1.0.4-betaCentral 0 Apr, 2012
1.0.3-betaCentral 0 Apr, 2012
1.0.2-betaCentral 0 Apr, 2012
1.0.1-betaCentral 0 Apr, 2012
1.0.0-betaCentral 0 Apr, 2012