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Mapping, persistence, and code generation API for reading and writing POJOs to an LDAP directory

LicenseApache 2.0LGPL 3.0
Date(Jan 18, 2019)
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New Version2.0.1

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CDDL 1.1GPL 1.1
com.sun.codemodel » codemodel (optional) 2.6

Apache 2.0LGPL 3.0
org.ldaptive » ldaptive
Dep Injection
Apache 2.0
org.springframework » spring-beans (optional) 4.3.21.RELEASE5.3.7
Expression Lang
Apache 2.0
org.springframework » spring-expression (optional) 4.3.21.RELEASE5.3.7

Test Dependencies (1)

Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates
Apache 2.0
org.testng » testng


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Daniel Fisherdfisher<at>vt.edudfisherdeveloperVirginia Tech
Marvin Addisonserac<at>vt.edumarvin.addisondeveloperVirginia Tech