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This module is responsible for providing utilities that address runtime behind the scenes utility necissary for monitoring or otherwise managing Stack applications.

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Date(Feb 06, 2014)
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Dep Injection
Apache 2.0
org.springframework » spring-context (optional) 3.2.4.RELEASE5.2.9.RELEASE

Apache 2.0
org.springframework.ldap » spring-ldap-core (optional) 1.3.1.RELEASE2.3.3.RELEASE

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Java Spec
javax.servlet » javax.servlet-api


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Mike Youngstromyoungstrommj<at>ldschurch.orgyoungstrommjDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team
Robert Thorntonthorntonrp<at>ldschurch.orgthorntonrpDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team
Bruce Campbellcampbellbd<at>ldschurch.orgcampbellbdDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team
Tommy Knowltonknowltont<at>ldschurch.orgknowltontDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team
Dan Bunkerbunker<at>ldschurch.orgbunkerDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team
Jeremy Lundlundjr<at>ldschurch.orglundjrDeveloperICS | Platform Services | Stack Team