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The MMBase media project provides you with builders and code to manage videofragments and audiofragments. It is currently written towards facilitating content stored on the servers of the dutch public broadcasting organisations (NPO), but can be used for other video material also. By specifying media metadata like bitrate etc, you can easily create links for broadband / smallband users using MMBase functions.

LicenseMPL 1.0
CategoriesWeb Applications
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1.9.4MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.3MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.3-oip-1.0MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.2MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.2-20091118MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.2-20091104MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.2-rc2MMBase1Feb, 2020
1.9.2.rc1MMBase 0 Feb, 2020
1.9.1MMBase 0 Feb, 2020
1.9.1-rc2MMBase 0 Feb, 2020
1.9.1-rc1MMBase 0 Feb, 2020