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This contains images, attachments, flashobjects, urls node types, and the associated code to deal with them. This application would be installed nearly always.

LicenseMPL 1.0
CategoriesWeb Applications
Date(Feb 05, 2020)
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EPL 2.0
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Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL)


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Andre van Tolyandre<at>toly.nl0Webmaster
Daniel Ockeloendaniel<at>submarine.nl1
Eduard Witteveeneywitteveen<at>gmail.com2
Ernst Bundersernst<at>dynasol.nlernstDynasol
Gerard van Enkgvenk<at>xs4all.nl4
Jaco de Grootjaco<at>dynasol.nl5
Johannes Verelstjverelst<at>gmail.comjohannes
Kees Jongenburgerkeesj<at>dds.nlkeesjExmachina
Marcel MaatkampM.Maatkamp<at>vpro.nl7Vpro
Mark Huijsermark.huijser<at>eo.nl8EO
Michiel MeeuwissenMichiel.Meeuwissen<at>dynasol.nlmichielRelease ManagerDynasol
Nico Klasensmmbase<at>klasens.netnklasensSource monitor, Patch managerFinalist IT Group
Pierre van RoodenPierre.van.Rooden<at>omroep.nlpierreVote managerPublieke Omroep
Rico JansenR.Jansen<at>vpro.nl11HostingVpro
Rob van Marisrobvanmaris<at>xs4all.nl12Project coordination, Meeting coordination
Rob Vermeulenr.vermeulen<at>vpro.nl13Vpro
Sander de BoersdboerEO