Artifacts using MockServer JUnit 4 Integration (14)

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DSpace core data model and service APIs.
Last Release on Feb 17, 2023
Atlassian Crowd Test Utilities
Last Release on Apr 22, 2018
dependency-check-utils is a collection of common utility classes used within dependency-check that might be useful in other projects.
Last Release on Mar 23, 2023
Atlassian Crowd Azure AD Integration
Last Release on Nov 2, 2022
Togglz - Slack integration
Last Release on Mar 23, 2023
Confluence HTML Macros Integration Tests
Last Release on Jul 21, 2022
Apiman Plugins JWT Policy
Last Release on Mar 21, 2023
A maven plugin for publishing artifacts to gitlab releases
Last Release on Nov 23, 2020
This plugin provides build steps for integration with ServiceNow using CI/CD APIs.
Last Release on Oct 27, 2021