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Artifacts using mockito-junit-jupiter version 2.27.0

Starter for testing Spring Boot applications with libraries including JUnit, Hamcrest and Mockito
Last Release on Nov 6, 2019
Advanced and thread-safe Java Redis client for synchronous, asynchronous, and reactive usage. Supports Cluster, Sentinel, Pipelining, Auto-Reconnect, Codecs and much more.
Last Release on Oct 30, 2019
Flowable Engine
Last Release on Jul 11, 2019
For tests not requiring notion of Components
Last Release on Oct 28, 2019
cdi test core without runners
Last Release on May 3, 2019
RoboZonky: Public, Stable APIs
Last Release on Oct 25, 2019
Functional Programming Library for Java
Last Release on Nov 17, 2019

RoboZonky: Code Shared Between Various Modules
Last Release on Jul 9, 2019
Flowable CMMN Engine
Last Release on Jul 11, 2019
Easy Random core implementation
Last Release on Nov 4, 2019