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Artifacts using mule-module-builders version 3.0.0-RC2

Mule functional test framework (TCK)
Last Release on Apr 20, 2018
Support for Scripting Mule Services and embedding Mule inside scripts
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018
Non-core functionality provided by Spring such as transactions, remoting, data sources, etc.
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018
Mule 3 Launcher
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018
This is a meta module that allows easy referencing of all modules. This is needed in our various distributions we publish.
Last Release on Apr 27, 2018
Sources and resources for a Resource Adapter
Last Release on Feb 18, 2013
Integrates Mule as a global Tomcat service, to be used with deployable configuration builder
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018

Simulates plotting GPS coordinates. To run directly in Maven use the 'mvn exec:exec' command and go to http://localhost:8081/index.html
Last Release on Sep 27, 2013
Demonstrates capturing and firing notifications and uses AJAX to send notifications to the browser.
Last Release on Sep 27, 2013
This is a webapp which runs inside the firewall and is used to manage the inventory of the bookstore.
Last Release on Aug 25, 2010