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This module provides UI components and services to be used in VisualVM tool and plugins
Last Release on Apr 26, 2022
VisualVM is a visual tool integrating commandline JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities.
Last Release on Apr 26, 2022
NetBeans Libraries SvnClientAdapter
Last Release on Jun 9, 2022
This module implements a sampling profiler for the GraalVM.
Last Release on Apr 26, 2022
MapViewer NB Swing
Last Release on Mar 16, 2022
Import plugins installed in specified VisualVM
Last Release on Apr 26, 2022
This plugin helps you to easily close unused or unwanted editor tabs. Instead of either close all tabs or all tabs except the currently selected you can also close the tabs right or left from the context menu of a selected tab at once.
Last Release on May 13, 2022
Adds a menu item to NetBeans IDE for opening the System's own file explorer
Last Release on Mar 26, 2022
API Grid
Last Release on Jan 24, 2022
Code Time is an open source plugin for automatic programming metrics and time tracking
Last Release on Nov 14, 2021