Artifacts using version 3.1.0

A Mule transport for web service connectivity using CXF.
Last Release on Jul 10, 2010
SpringSource Org ObjectWeb ASM Commons
Last Release on Apr 21, 2018
Virgo from EclipseRT is a completely module-based Java application server
Last Release on Feb 9, 2014
SpringSource Bundlor
Last Release on Oct 4, 2016
Extends the Web Service binding to use Metro
Last Release on Aug 14, 2013
A Maven plugin for auto-generation of OSGi manifests using the SpringSource Bundlor utility.
Last Release on Oct 4, 2016
Assembly distribution for the Fabric3 WebLogic Runtime.
Last Release on Aug 14, 2013
Assembly distribution for Fabric3 Web Services Extensions.
Last Release on Aug 14, 2013
The OLE Docstore Webapp Application
Last Release on Nov 3, 2015
Pax Web module creating a features xml file to deploy Pax Web components as features in Apache Karaf. To use this feature enter the following in your Karaf shell - features:install mvn:org.ops4j.pax.web/features/1.1.18/xml/features
Last Release on Nov 23, 2016
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