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This plugin provides annotations support to fractal components. Thes annotations allow the developer to generate automatically the content class callbacks and the FractalADL descriptors of fractal components.

Date(Jun 19, 2007)
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Nicolas Pessemiernicolas.pessemier<at>lifl.frpessemierProject Manager, DeveloperINRIA Futurs / LIFL
Eric BrunetonEric.Bruneton<at>rd.francetelecom.combrunetonArchitect, DeveloperFrance Telecom RD
Thierry CoupayeThierry.Coupaye<at>rd.francetelecom.comcoupayeProject Manager, ArchitectFrance Telecom RD
Jean-Bernard StefaniJean-Bernard.Stefani<at>inrialpes.frstefaniProject Manager, ArchitectINRIA