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Generic interfaces and helpers

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Oct 20, 2021)
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New Version4.3.1

Compile Dependencies (3)

Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates
JVM Languages
Apache 2.0
org.codehaus.groovy » groovy

EDL 1.0
org.glassfish.jaxb » jaxb-runtime (optional)
Object Pool
Apache 2.0
org.vibur » vibur-object-pool 25.0

Test Dependencies (2)

Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates
EPL 2.0
junit » junit

EPL 2.0
org.junit.vintage » junit-vintage-engine


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Boris Stanojevicboris.stanojevic<at>icw.destanojevic-borisDeveloperInterComponentWare AG
Christian Ohrchristian.ohr<at>icw.deohrDeveloperInterComponentWare AG
Dmytro Ruddmytro.rud<at>gmail.comunixoidDeveloperOpen eHealth Foundation
Jens RiemschneiderriemschneiderDeveloper
Mitko Kolevme2stk<at>gmail.commkolevDeveloperSAP AG
Martin Krasserkrasserm<at>googlemail.commrt1nzDeveloper
Stefan Ivanovstefko.ivanov<at>gmail.com4effoDeveloperSAP AG
Thomas Papkethomas.papke<at>icw.dethopapDeveloperInterComponentWare AG