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Jahia Server Implementation
Last Release on Sep 3, 2021
Alfresco Repository
Last Release on Oct 8, 2021
Provide High level conversion service
Last Release on Jan 22, 2019
JODConverter converts between different office documents formats, using
Last Release on Jan 4, 2008
Nuxeo Platform Rendition Core
Last Release on Jan 22, 2019
Module required in order to process local conversions for the Java OpenDocument Converter (JODConverter) project.
Last Release on Feb 10, 2021
bboss public development platform base on bboss.
Last Release on Oct 16, 2021
Java OpenDocument Converter converts office documents using LibreOffice or OpenOffice
Last Release on Sep 7, 2016
Nuxeo Platform Rendition Publisher
Last Release on Jan 22, 2019
Nuxeo Enterprise Platform: some default transformers for the Content Transformation Service. This package provides: any-to-pdf using as rendering engine, pdf-to-jpeg, pdf-to-text, pdf-to-png, WordML metadata injection (inject document metadata into a WordML file), any-to-odt / any-to-ods / any-to-odp (transform any file format supported by into ODF).
Last Release on Nov 25, 2010