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Runtime dependencies for an OpenRDF application
Last Release on May 2, 2016
Contains the Elmo driver for with the Sesame RDF repository. This is the primary dependency when using Elmo from a maven project. <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.openrdf.elmo</groupId> <artifactId>elmo-sesame</artifactId> <version>1.5</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.openrdf.sesame</groupId> <artifactId>sesame-runtime</artifactId> <version>${sesame.version}</version> </dependency> </dependencies> <repositories> ...
Last Release on Apr 3, 2014
Last Release on Jul 27, 2010
This is the Sesame API implementation based on Quest
Last Release on Jun 18, 2017
Utilities to run an embedded OpenRDF Server for testing purposes.
Last Release on Feb 1, 2009
Repository decorations that can improve performance or simplicity. This module includes: * DC, FOAF, and RSS RDF vocabulary; * OWL, RSS, and organized RDF/XML writers; * SeRQO an RDF serialization of the Sesame Query algebra; * ContextAware repository connection; * ThreadProxyRepository; * Augur and read-ahead repository for remote HTTP connections.
Last Release on Apr 3, 2014
Runtime dependencies for an client OpenRDF application
Last Release on Feb 23, 2009
A clojure API implementing the W3C CSVW csv2rdf processor
Last Release on Feb 21, 2022
GraphDB Free is a Semantic Graph Database compliant with W3C standards
Last Release on Apr 5, 2022
The Object Repository maps Java objects to and from RDF resources and OWL classes to Java classes in a non-intrusive manner that enables developers to work at the object level.
Last Release on Aug 29, 2017