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The OpenWS library provides a growing set of tools to work with web services at a low level. These tools include classes for creating and reading SOAP messages, transport-independent clients for connecting to web services, and various transports for use with those clients.

LicenseApache 2.0
Organization Internet2
Date(Mar 29, 2013)
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RepositoriesCentralJCenterShibbolethSonatypeSpring Lib M
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New Version1.5.4

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Java Spec
javax.servlet » servlet-api

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Apache 2.0
xalan » xalan
XML Processing
Apache 2.0
xerces » xercesImpl
XML Processing
xml-apis » xml-apis

Apache 2.0
xml-resolver » xml-resolver 1.2

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NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Scott CantorcantordeveloperThe Ohio State University
Nate KlingensteinndkdocumentationInternet2
Chad La Joielajoiedeveloper, documentationItumi, LLC
Brent PutmanputmanbdeveloperGeorgetown University
Rod WiddowsonrdwdeveloperUniversity of Edinburgh